Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent Reviews

August 04,2015
We love our Mt. Hood roof top tent. It makes cross country travel so much easier since you often set up in the dark, now you don't have to set your tent up in the goose-poo area of the rv parks. Back

Mt. Bachelor Roof Top Tent Reviews

December 01,2014
I own a mt bachelor rtt and am extremely pleased with it. I have used it on a Thule roof rack and on a bed rack on my 2010 double cab Toyota Tacoma. A roof top tent is the best night's sleep you'll ev

September 17,2014
We are manufacturers of all aluminum all terrain camping trailers in East Tennessee, EcoTrek Camper, and we exclusively use CVT for all out RTT campers. They are of the highest quality and the crew a

Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent Reviews

November 30,2015
Best money I have spent on my Tacoma so far! Unfortunately, got too speedy in my purchase and now want the 3' overhang. lol Tent is super sturdy, comfortable and easy to install, setup and stow. I

July 30,2015
The Mt. Hood has been awesome! Plenty of room, easy to set up/take down, and super comfortable. I have left it on my 100-Series Land Cruiser every day since I got it and I find myself looking for ex

Mt. Shasta Roof Top Tent Reviews

May 29,2015
Generally found to be satisfactory. Be careful when zipping up the cover; take your time and insure the zipper doesn't get caught in the tent fabric. The mattress is very poor if used continually for

Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent Reviews

January 18,2016
Just slept in my new Mt. Rainier last night on top of my Jeep Wrangler, it was awesome! We were adding the Mt. Rainier so that our family of 5 could camp together in RTT's. Our kids sleep in the TJM

June 16,2015
We got our Mt. Rainier about two months ago and have had several opportunities to enjoy it so far. We had a mix up on the shipping/pickup arrangement that was made when we ordered, but Bobby took care

October 20,2014
DO NOT BUY THIS TENT FOR SEVERAL REASONS *if you dont want a great nights sleep. *if you dont like to be asked questions about it from random people *if you dont like people asking to check it out.

July 09,2014
I purchased the Mt. Rainier RTT from CVT with a 99\" awning, changing rooms, screen for awning and absolutely love my set up!! CVT has amazing products, excellent customer service with an acute focus

Mt. Rainier Reviews

July 24,2015
we purchased this tent w/annex on nov 11th 2009. CVT was having a veterans day/week-end sale. tent has good quality zippers. the floor in the annex is very heavy duty and highly puncture resistance

CVT/Mt. Rainier Roof Top Tent Reviews

October 26,2015
CVT has excellent customer service and excellent products! Thank you Bobby.

August 05,2015
AMAZING COMPANY! (yes I meant for it to be in all caps thats how serious I am) Our roof top tent is going to be home for a 40 day cross country overland trip this Sept. We tested in Pisgah National Fo

June 21,2015
We have had a Mt Rainier RTT for a few years now we are truly impressed. We just finished a camping trip to the beach and the tent endured some hellacious winds. The last night we had 10-20 constants

May 16,2015
Very spacious comfortable and easy to set up & take down. The workmanship is excellent. We just got back from a week long trip in the rain wind and heat. Stopped four times. It would have been a incon

January 14,2015
I bought this tent two years ago and have enjoyed many nights of camping in California's mountains, deserts, and beach areas. I have had no issues with breakage or even "wear and tear." Bobby deliv

October 20,2014
Very cool tent! A solid 4 out of 5 stars. Time will tell if it gets the 5th star, but so far so good. We spent 2 nights in it already and look forward to many more! Things I didn't like: installat

CVT/Mt. Shasta Rooftop Tent Reviews

August 15,2015
We just bought this tent and used it for the first time in Vermont for a week long rally. The first night out it poured all night and not drop in the tent. The second night it rained again and the ten

July 20,2015
This company understands good business! I haven't had the privilege of dealing with a company this great in a long time! First I got my tent and additions super fast, some one day after ordering! T

August 15,2014
I picked up my tent on 08/08/14, where I was greeted by Bobby. Wonderful staff kept me informed of the status and updates. Also stayed a little late to show me how to setup and take down tent. Well wo

CVT/Mt Bachelor Roof Top Tent Reviews

January 26,2016
I live on the rainy west coast of Vancouver and this tent as held up in the worst storms the coast could give us! Quick to open and put away, the ultimate tent for someone who does a lot of camping.

July 03,2014
Love My Mt Bachelor tent! People always want to know where I got it. So easy to set up and down, entire process takes less than 5 min to set up and take down with just one person.

Bike Lift Reviews

May 07,2015
Really Nice Product

CVT Mt. Adams Roof Top Tents (RTT) Reviews

October 09,2015
This is my first rooftop tent and it is great have have no words. Easy to set up and tons of room. I have this mounted on my suburban with no issues. Great product Thanks CVT!!!

June 25,2014
We recently used the Mt. Adams on a two week trip through Ohio and Michigan. We stayed in the Staits of Mackinaw which is a beautiful place but occasionally sees very bad weather. On this trip we expe

Mt. Bailey Roof Top Tents Reviews

March 03,2015
My MT.Bailey tent was on back order when I purchased it. The company contacted me right away to let me know it was on back order and would ship out in a few days. I got an email when the tent shipped

November 12,2014
The tent is pretty tall and long, so it feels way more spacious than the dimensions suggest. It is a little narrow, but not in an uncomfortable way. I chose it because of it's small footprint on m

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