CVT/Cascadia Vehicle Roof Top Tent Testimonials

Seattle Mike

 CVT/Cascadia Vehicle Tents,  I can't recommend them enough.  It's made from the same ripstop nylon as the tent fabric, it is very lightweight, unrolls easily, and if I had to set it up by myself it would take about ten minutes. My wife and I could set it up, including the mesh walls, in three minutes with practice. The mesh "room" has a zipper right where the rear passenger door opens, allowing access to the vehicle. I was originally going with a company out of Australia, but CVT was closer and cheaper... and Bobby installed the tent and awning himself, fabbing up a few pieces to fit my custom rack while we waited. It was awesome!

                                                                                                     Seattle Wa.


Gary C.

                    Well my wife and I have several camping trips into this tent... And I must say it\'s as good as day 1!! Nothing has broke, the zippers all work extreamely well, it\'s really a fantastic tent!! We get so many comments, people want to look in check it out.. my wife will demonstrate how easy it is to open and close.. High winds, damp weather nothing has affected it yet. I must admit, we have not been in a full on rain storm.. but seen everything else and no issues. If there was one complaint, it might be the pad.. its not like sleeping on a \"heavenly bed\"! I might put and aero bed in and use the battery\'s in the trailer to power the built in pump in the bed, we\'ll see. AGAIN FOR THE PRICE, YOU CAN\'T GO WRONG.                                                                                Escondido  Ca.

Megan Knight
 Just wanted to say how much I love my tent. The family just started camping and this was an extremely affordable alternative to a trailer or a camper. We all LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! our CVT!!!

Juan and Ivy Goula
comments: This August we decided to take our first long-term road trip with the kids. Last long road trip we took was our honeymoon. After owning an RV (and all the problems associated with it) we longed for the outdoors. I was an avid camper piror to our marriage and have been trying to get Ivy and the kids involved in experiencing the outdoors. Regular tents didn\'t do it for us. With us getting too old to sleep on the floor, and our little girl too scared of wolves, coyotes and all the other critters of the night, our only alternative was a roof-top tent. I had experienced a roof-top tent before (my dad had one in the 70\'s) and enjoyed the experience. Finally after much deliberating Ivy and I decided to seriously look into RTT\'s. We looked at pretty much every manufacturer and found them to be too difficult to get, or too expensive. Finally, while on a roadtrip to Oregon, thanks to the Dennings Family and YouTube, we found CVT. We immediately e-mailed Bobby and drove to Bend to see the tents the next day. As soon as we saw, climbed into and experienced all the benefits of this first hand, we bought the Mt. Rainier with annex, large awning and screen room. Unfortunately for us, the Mt. Rainier had not arrive yet so we went home empty-handed. We were so very excited! Bobby kept us abreast of the tent\'s arrival over the next month and we planned to have the tent mounted on the car our next trip (this August). Due to unfortunate circumstances, we were severely delayed to our meeting with Bobby. Still, Bobby did everything possible to help us get the tent mounted that same day. He rearranged his day and even met us at Eugene, to install the tent on the van. It only took two hours to have the tent installed and he even trusted us enough to let us meet his daughter Ceyanee. After using the tent for two weeks, all I can say is that we are very confident and more importantly, happy we purchased from CVT. Bobby\'s exemplary customer service combined with the excellent build quality of the tent, annex, awning and screen room has made all of us, some very happy campers. Thank you Bobby and CVT!

Hoke Hinson
firstname: hoke
lastname: hinson
comments: I discovered roof top tents about 18 months ago. I ran across the CVT site the week-end of veterans day. bobby was kind enough to allow me the 20% discount which basically deferred frieght cost to florida. after unpacking the tent I was impressed with the quality of the hardware, ALL stainless! overall I\'m very happy with the quality of this tent & the cover is really heavy duty. during my research one of the major complaints about many RTTs was the cover was easily ripped, not so with CVT! Also I appreciate the patience bobby displayed as I communicated thru E mail & phone over buying racks for my naked roof dodge van. (was a real learning curve for me) My neighbors are already craning their necks waiting to see when the tent is finally mounted. i\'m looking forward to receiving my annex to complete the Mt. Ranier monster, holiday shipping is the pits......:( The reason I purchased this tent was to provide me with greater freedom of movement from all the hassle of normal tenting. I already have outdoor stores where I\'m gonna showcase it & know this outfit will be a hit at the camp grounds too. my road trip will be to oregon to visit my daughter & visit bobby..... thanz CVT for a great product & after sale help! i would wholeheartedly refer this tent to those looking to break away from the norm.....

CVT/Cascadia Vehicle Roof Top Tents & Discover.Share.Inspire

The convenience and comfort of a Roof Top Tent can’t be beat!

Where ever we might travel – on this continent or the next – we have the security of knowing that we’ll always have a place to stay.

Just like a turtle, our home is with us where ever we go. And we love it!

Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) is the premier provider of roof top tents in the United States and Canada.

Roof top tents (RTT) are popular among overland travelers in Europe and Africa.

While searching for ways to outfit our vehicle for our Epic Expedition, we found plenty of retailers for RTT’s overseas.

CVT is one of the few providers in North America.

We contacted retailers in search of sponsor ship, and Bobby Culpepper, owner and founder of CVT, eagerly volunteered.

Meeting up personally with him at his warehouse in Bend, Oregon, we discovered Bobby to be one of the most genuine, generous and fun people we’ve ever met.

He outfitted our vehicle with the Mt. Bachelor edition, as well as an awning with attachable mosquito net.

Later, he upgraded us to the spacious family size, Mt. Rainier, with annex room!

We love our RTT – it makes sleeping accommodations simple and easy.

Parking anywhere, we can have our tent up and ready for sleep in a matter of minutes.

I enthusiastically recommend doing business with CVT.

Thanks CVT for helping to make our expedition a reality!

The Ketley's

After more than three weeks of using a Cascadia Mt. St. Helens Rooftop Tent in some pretty diverse and harsh conditions, I have to admit I absolutely love the tent and feel it is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. In looking at many different options, from buying a Westfalia (slow, unreliable, and normally no AC), a pickup truck or van (good place to sleep, but where do you put your stuff, not good gas millage), or an RV (just hard on a number of levels) - I finally decided to outfit my Subaru Legacy with the Rooftop Tent. On the road we have been in the tent in 60 mph+ winds on the Eastern Sierra, in hot weather in Death Valley, and snow in Oregon. In each situation the tent is just awesome. The heat reflective material makes it warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The rain and wind proof material is completely impenetrable. It is a snap to open and close, the mattress is cozy. The convenience of being able to leave our bedding in the tent and just fold it down and drive away is great. Beyond physically loving the tent, the service Bobby provides is impeccable. It is nice in this day and age to buy something from someone who really cares about the product they are selling and your experience with it. For anyone looking for a great sleeping option for traveling, I recommend these tents highly. It's a great product, and I couldn't be happier with it.

Alex - Northern California

Jeremy T.

We have really enjoyed our CVT tent, setup is a breeze and the materials used in the construction of this tent are superb. There is plenty of room and the tent is very comfortable. The added annex room is big enough for two cots for our kids to sleep on and still have room for extras. I would recommend this to anyone searching for a RTT.

Jeremy T.

Rockford IL

Jim F. Alberta, Canada
Hi guys,
Had a great trip home, loved the tent, it’s incredible!

Thanks for the great friendly service. I’ll recommend you to anyone.

 Gas mileage affected a little but not that much.

Thanks again,


Curtis P.

Comments: My family and I recently went on our first official camping trip of the season. I had purchased a CVT a couple months ago and was eager to try it out. The plan was for the kids and I to go up a day early and have my wife meet us later. We arrived in early evening and I was dreading the camp set-up. The tent went up first and wow... 5 minutes later and it was done. It really was that easy. Before we left we went and picked up some small LED lanterns for the kids to use in the tent. They were already having a blast. When we awoke the next day I discovered I didn\'t really like the way the tent and vehicle was positioned. So, we disassembled the tent and repositioned ourselves. Once again between take down and setup it was completed within 10 minutes. So easy. Around noon my wife arrived with some other friends. They quickly made their way over to our campsite to oogle the set-up. We all ended up having a great time that weekend. The security the tent provided was great. We even had a little thunderstorm come through during the night. The only way we knew was the drops hitting the rain-fly in the middle of the night. We stayed completely dry. I would have to say this has elevated our camping experience. No more laying in the dirt! I am completety sold on the CVT.

Jamie B.  
When I finally decided to purchase a RTT I researched and spoke with several different tent companies. After speaking with Bobby and telling him my idea of turning an M416 military trailer into an off road camping trailer he seemed excited to hear that I was considering using one his tents. After several conversations with Bobby I decided that his tent was the choice for me. Upon ordering my tent, Bobby also informed me that he sells 12 volt fridges, so I bought my fridge from him as well. Bobby put together a GREAT price package for me and put my order through. He told me it would take about two weeks for my tent to be sent to me. About one week later he called and asked if he could personally deliver my tent to me, he wanted to see my ideas on my trailer. The following Saturday, I met with Bobby and received my new tent and fridge. It took me about 5 weeks to put together my trailer, including the installation of the 12 volt system, propane system and installing my new CVT tent and fridge. On my first trip out with my new tent, we had snow on the first night and 60-70 mph winds on the second night. The tent performed flawlessly!!! There was absolutely no draft through the tent in the heavy wind and we stayed really warm and dry! I am thrilled with the performance of my tent and fridge. I am still amazed at how simple it is to set up and take down. After using this tent, there is no way I will ever sleep on the ground again. The customer service I received from CVT was top notch!! This has changed the way my family will camp forever. By far, the best camping equipment I have ever purchased. Jamie Bohren Northern California  

My wife and I own a 22' Airstream trailer and love to camp. We both also love to fish. Two years ago we bought a small motor boat with a trailer. Unfortunately, you can't pull a boat and trailer with another trailer (actually, there are parts of Oregon where that is legal, but we don't live in Oregon). Both of us wanting to camp and fish at the same time were trying to work it out. Do we put a hitch on my wife's Saab and pull the boat with that while I drive the truck with the Airstream? Do we go back to car camping with a tent when we want to go lake fishing for the weekend? Then my wife found the site for Cascadia Tents. She found it while she was searching for car top tents and campers. We had even looked at selling the Airstream and buying a truck camper (like Lance) for the truck - way too expensive and we love the Airstream. So, we went to the California State Fair and found Cascadia Tents. We saw the Mt. St. Helens car top tent and how it worked and fell in love. It's a 4 season tent that puts up in less than 5 minutes, you can store your bags and pillows in the unit, it has a wonderfully stiff foam mattress and it sleeps both me and my wife comfortably. I'm close to 6' and my wife is 5' 7" and we can sit up in the tent, stretch our legs out without hitting the end and I've slept like a baby in the tent since we've owned it. We have enjoyed it in the snow, in the rain, in hot sunny days and most importantly, lakeside with our boat. To me this is the ultimate solution as we both approach our retirement years we have a tent that is unique, well built and comfortable, but most importantly, it is off the ground and nothing like regular tent camping.

We have now done more trips with the boat and the Mt. St. Helens this year than the Airstream. It's just a lot more simpler and still gives that feeling of camping and enjoying the outdoors. Recently, I have used the car top tent to go fly fishing with my friends where we can pull a utility trailer with float tubes and pontoon boats without having to stuff them in the back of the truck. It has changed our thinking about just pulling out and going camping and fishing on a regular basis.

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Well Bobby, we did it!
We were on the road for 14 days, but spent 3 of them in the Twin Cities staying with relatives.

13-year-old Grandson Max was one heck of a traveler.  Really terrific.
And considering I'm 70, I held up really well being the sole driver!
We left Max's home at noon one day,
hit 5 National Parks (Yellowstone twice, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, Theo. Roosevelt, Little Bighorn Battlefield),
an Ojibway Provincial Park in Canada,
the International Peace Gardens (border of Canada and N.D.),
geographical center of N. America in Rugby, N.S.,
national wolf sanctuary and bear rescue facility in Ely, MN,
MN State Fair and Mall of America in the Twin Cities,
superb state park on the shores of Lake Superior, MN,
and everywhere we went, people were fascinated with this great car-top tent. 
I'll be interested to hear if any of the many folks who wrote down the website have contacted you!
Max and I slept in a motel only 3 get good long showers!
Otherwise, rain, wind, cold, sun, we slept in the comfy tent!
One night we arrived at Yellowstone in the dark and in the rain...
I hopped out of the car, undid the 4 clasps, hit the button to raise the tent and hopped back in the car.
In a couple of minutes we could just scramble into the tent and be dry and comfortable!

At the end of the trip, Max said:
"So if I got better grades at school, could we go on another trip for spring break?"
I'm looking at the Four Corners area.  My kids loved it.  I think Max would too.

Thanks, Bobby, for your help in getting this tent to me and on the car!

I highly recommend it to all!


Chris and Jenni
I just wanted to email you and tell you what a wonderful experience my wife and I had at CVT. I am sorry for the rescheduling and the crazy emails we sent. Once we saw the product and talked it over with the guys there in the shop we were sold. The whole experience was fantastic. Jino was spectacular, I know he is not a salesman but he did such a good job. He was honest about the product and you guys commitment to customer service, and he let us look at everything. The transparency was so refreshing and the company seemed so people focused that we decided on the spot to buy the Bachelor and honestly we couldn't be happier. The tent so far has greatly exceeded our expectations. I have attached a photo of our car and new tent parked in the redwoods national forest, please feel free to add it to your Subaru gallery.
I also want to say the tent has had a wonderful side effect, we have had such an opportunity to speak to people, and share our lives with them because everyone comes up and ask us about it. It has really changed the entire dynamic of our roadtrip for the better. This alone was worth the price.
So I just want to say thank you so much for providing a high quality product and giving your guys the freedom to do what they need to do to put the customer first and at ease. We will do everything we can to send you more business.
Chris and Jenni

Diana L.

 My husband and I have always been active outdoors people. So much so that we have owned almost every type of tent there is to buy, until we had our family. We wanted to introduce our girls to the outdoors in a way that children would enjoy it. So we bought a pop up trailer, it worked out great as long as my husband was able to hook it up “I was too light weight to do it”. Finally after about two years I got sick and tired of looking at the trailer just sitting in the drive way, to add insult to injury it was costing around five hundred dollars a year to own. So we decided we needed to change things up yet again! We went to the sportsmen show in Sacramento this last January 2011 and that is where we saw the Cascadia tents. The owner of the company was great; he was honest and down to earth giving us straight forward answers. My husband and I were a little undecided so we went home to “think about it”. Little did he know that I really liked it and had contacted Cascadia tents by phone (which I got a call back in less than two hours) I put in an order to have one shipped by Valentines Day. The tent arrived in time; my husband was shocked and loved it. The assembly if that is what you can really call it was taking it out of the package and hooking up the ladder. So easy I did it at a whopping 115lbs took me less than eight minutes. The tents construction is superb, the materials are great. I ordered the Mt Shasta edition (CT-109) and the Mt Shasta annex room (changing). We have taken it out now five times, our daughters think it is a “tree house” and it has helped us and our spontaneity with family trips! The Cascadia tents are the only way to go, we were almost fooled by leading competitors’ don’t be fooled their material is cheap and the cost is ridiculous, we would recommend Cascadia tents to anyone and we would do it all over again no regrets! 

                                                                                                 Cloverdale Ca. 


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