Meet the #FAM: Drew Zacharias - @drew.zacharias

Meet the #FAM: Drew Zacharias - @drew.zacharias

CVT: What’s favorite camping spot?

Drew: “I've been blessed to travel across North America with my CVT tent three times since 2018. That first year, my brother and I embarked on our inaugural road trip across much of the lower 48 states, and the western territories of Canada. I must say that my favorite camp site was in the Grand Tetons at Teton View campground. This campsite was a primitive spot we found on Campendium that was north of Jackson, WY by about 45 minutes. The 4x4 road winded through the foothills on the eastern side of the Snake River until we reached a campsite that had a view of the entire Teton Range. We were literally waking up with the Tetons in our faces. This campsite will forever remain as one of my favorites.”

CVT: What’s your most memorable #CVTfamily adventure?

Drew: “My most memorable CVT adventure had to be when I visited Badlands National Park in 2018 on the same road trip. My brother and I were camping at Nomad View Dispersed, a campsite about 15 minutes outside of Badlands. The campsite overlooked the entire park, extending all the way out to Thunder Basin. That night after we ate dinner, we noticed flashes of lightning in the distance. Initially, we thought this thunderstorm would be a minor storm, and not cause us too much trouble. However, when 11:00 p.m. rolled around, the most intense thunderstorm I've ever endured was upon us. With red lightning, huge cracks of thunder, and 60 MPH winds, I thought we were going to have to cut the trip short because of potential damage to the tent. I actually had to sit on the side of the tent, overhanging off the truck because the wind was trying to blow the tent closed. However, the CVT tent stood strong through the entire night, despite my worries and the heavy abuse it took from the storm. In the morning, the only sort of damage to the tent was one of the rods that helped support the rain fly was out of place, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. This is when I knew I made a great purchase with CVT.”

CVT: Who do you bring with you on your #CVTfamily trips?

Drew: “Usually, I would either bring a friend or my brother with me. The road trips I've taken have been with my brother on one of the trips, my best friend Drake on the second road trip, and most recently, three friends of mine who had never seen the West.”

CVT: What you like about owning a CVT tent?

Drew: “I love literally setting up my campsite wherever I park my truck (a.k.a. your slogan!). The mobility it gives me in my adventures is something I would not trade for anything. A CVT tent will always be my #1 in choosing my most essential piece of camping equipment.”

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