Meet the #FAM: The Bingham's

Meet the #FAM: The Bingham's

For the Bingham’s (@thatadventurefamily), parents Kyle and Sarah, along with young children Max and Mila, traveling and exploring the Pacific Northwest is the only standard of living for this adventurous family of four. For them, camping is all about family, with nature coming in at a close second. The valuable time they spend together is “sweeter than a s'more.”

The family's favorite camping spot is Washington's Deception Pass State Park. It has the perfect combination of saltwater beaches, a freshwater lake, and old-growth forests. It also sits just inside the rain shadow from the nearby Olympic Mountains, giving it a bit more sunshine than you'd expect for the Pacific Northwest.

Their most memorable camping trip was during the summer of 2018 when Kyle and Sarah had to pack up during the middle of the night because it was almost birthday time. Mila, the youngest member of the family, was about to be born! Luckily, they were camping close to home. 

As their family has grown, so has their need for an improved place to relax. Their Ford e350 is their ticket to freedom. Although it serves its purpose as a roaming adventure van, it doesn't offer the family much room to sleep. While they could easily camp on the ground, they wanted something a little more robust and comfortable. Currently, they have a Hybrid Denali Extended Fly installed on the roof of their van. Though it's a bit high, it offers big views, and it's just as fun for the grownups as it is for the kids. It has more than enough room for everyone to sleep like starfish and a memory foam mattress that sucks them right in. With built-in LED lights, it's easy for everyone to find their way up and down in the night. When the annex is deployed, they can watch movies inside the van and head up to bed without getting wet in the rain. Featuring a hardtop and built-in rack system on top of the tent, the Hybrid allows them carry paddleboards and other toys wherever they go. It's also easy to set up and take down, making things quicker for the family to get settled at camp.

It's important for this environmentally conscious couple to be smart about how to efficiently pack for family trips, while considering how they will be impacting nature. Inside the van is a kitchen, 12-volt freezer, and all the gadgets they need, yet the items they gravitate toward most are their hammocks and books. And when it comes to beverages, always making sure to have enough hot cocoa for the little people and coffee for mom and dad is essential. 

The more the Bingham’s can enjoy the outdoors, create adventures, and find unfamiliar places, the more memories and love they continue to share. CVT would like to give a huge shout out to their small business, Campstuff Coffee, for being charitable to the state where they were born and raised, and for giving a large part of their profits to the Washington State Parks system, guaranteeing the parks will live on for their children and future generations.

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