Your Next Adventure: Antelope Island

Your Next Adventure: Antelope Island

Explorers John C. Fremont and Kit Carson settled on Antelope Island in 1845. The explorers named this spot Antelope Island after interacting with pronghorn antelope whom were walking and grazing on the land. Pronghorn antelope are native to the island and are one of many wildlife animals that live there. The destination features numerous freshwater springs that supply the array of wildlife that call Antelope Island home. Filled with Bighorn sheep, bison, and antelope, this State Park features a surplus of scenic spots to enjoy.

The Annual Bison Roundup is an event that happens each Fall. This event is when horse riders guide 700+ bison into corrals, where they have a rest period of five days. This rest period allows the bison to destress, allowing them to better cooperate throughout the year. One-by-one, the animals undergo a full checkup with necessary vaccinations. Showcasing the elegant charm of the island, the event includes festivities, such as music and vendors and celebrates the wildlife that enriches the landscape with their presence.

With over 28,000 acres, exploring Antelope Island is a never-ending adventure. Hiking, running, biking,and more opportunities await you. Visitors to the region enjoy falling asleep under a star-filled sky andwaking up to birds chirping among the peaceful environment. One of the most scenic campsites in all of Utah, the island features white sand beaches that are perfect for sunbathing.

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