February 07, 2023 4 min read

Couple sitting near a lake

When you think about romance, camping probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, a night or two under the stars, snuggled up by a campfire, can be incredibly romantic.

Camping and being alone together in nature makes the perfect space to enjoy each other’s company distraction-free. It’s an opportunity to disconnect, bond, and adventure together!

So instead of booking an expensive hotel room for your next romantic getaway, opt for a weekend away in nature.

We have some great romantic camping ideas to make your camping trip fairytale-like and fun for you and your partner.

Romantic Camping Ideas For Couples

With the right destination, a few supplies, and a romantic ambiance, you’ll have the most romantic camping experience. Here are our best tips for how to make camping romantic.

1. Find a Secluded Campsite

Setting up camp in a more secluded area is key to making it a romantic camping getaway. Try to pick a smaller, less crowded campground, then choose a tent site that gives you more privacy. Be sure to read reviews before and see if it matches the vibe you’re going for.

You can also drive to an area with dispersed camping or venture out in the backcountry. If you’re bringing a lot of supplies, it’s better to opt for car camping or find a spot that’s walkable from the car.

2.Create a Romantic Ambiance

You can do plenty of things to set the mood at your campsite and create a romantic camping atmosphere.

  • Pack a Double Sleeping Bag - you can snuggle up at night.
  • Create a Cozy Sleeping Space - don’t skimp on the pillows and blankets.
  • Set the Mood with Lights and Candles - decorate the campsite or tent with battery-powered LED string lights. Throw in a couple of flameless candles to light up the tent at night.
  • Bring a Speaker- make a romantic playlist while sitting by the fire, making dinner, or hanging out.
  • Get some romantic seating - some cozy options are a hammock or loveseat camping chair. If you don’t have either, standard camp chairs seated close together will suffice!

3.Have a Romantic Picnic with a View

Older couple on a romantic trip

It doesn’t get more romantic than a picnic with a stunning view. A romantic picnic is a perfect idea for lunch or dinner. Before your trip, research some easy or moderate hiking trails that lead to a summit near where you’ll be camping.

4. Watch the Sunset

Watching the sky light up with colors at sunset is even better when accompanied by your love. Pack a bottle of champagne and wine glasses to make it even more romantic. You can look up the best place to watch the sunset beforehand or wing it.

5.Prepare a Multi-Course Meal for Dinner

Impress your significant other by preparing a (camping-friendly) multi-course meal for dinner. Then, take it one step further and prepare it over the campfire. You don’t have to make anything too fancy, but preparing a thoughtful meal for someone shows you care.

Not all courses have to be super extravagant; start with a simple appetizer and end with s’mores. Then, all you have to think of is something in between that can serve as the main dish.

6.Relax by the Campfire

Couple warming their hands at a campfire

Spending time together by a toasty campfire screams romance. Sit and enjoy each other’s company - tell stories, play card or question games, or play music (if one of you is musically inclined). Take turns asking each other questions and discover things you never knew about your partner.

Bonus points if you bring a loveseat camping chair to snuggle up on.


Camping is the perfect time to stargaze, especially if you’re in an area away from the city. You can stargaze on a blanket, in a hammock, or your tent if it has a skylight roof. If it’s cold, you can bring your sleeping bags or blankets to cover you.

Then, stare out into the night sky, looking for shooting stars, planets, and constellations. If you want to get more into it, you can download an app, like Star Walk, that tells you the names of different constellations, stars, and planets.

8.Give Each Other Moonlight Massages

Who needs an expensive spa treatment when you can give each other massages under the moonlight, surrounded by sounds of nature?! The massages will feel extra good, especially after a long day of hiking and outdoor activities. Don’t forget to bring massage oil!

9.Go for a Sunrise Walk

Just like sunset, sunrise is also another very romantic time of day. Get up early one morning and go for a walk to see the sunrise. Bring coffee or tea in a Thermos and sip a hot beverage while watching the sunrise.

10.Snuggle in a Hammock Together

A portable hammock is an all-around good investment for a romantic camping trip. It’s the perfect place to snuggle up, take an afternoon nap, watch the sunset, or enjoy the great outdoors. This may seem like a simple activity, but there’s something about laying still with someone that brings you closer together – literally and figuratively.

11.Go for a Swim

If it’s warm enough and your campsite has a stream, lake, or ocean near it, go for a dip together! In wintertime, you can go to a campsite near a hot spring. If you find a secluded spot, clothes can be optional.

Also, be sure you pay attention to any signage or research beforehand if swimming is allowed and safe in the spot you’re eyeing.

12.Ditch your Phones

Put down the phone and focus on each other during your camping trip. Nature is the perfect place to disconnect, so take advantage! Take pictures, of course, but wait to post them until you get home.

13.Leave Room for Surprise!

A quick kiss outside the tent

Rather than telling your partner where you’re taking them, make the entire trip a surprise! If your partner doesn’t like surprises, you can tell them what you’re planning, but leave out certain details that could unfold over the trip (like that three-course meal).

Wrapping Up

There is something incredibly romantic about being in nature with your partner. It’s a bonding experience like no other. Use these romantic camping ideas to add some intimate touches to your next nature getaway.

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