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Ratchet Straps with Weatherproof Organizer

Ratchet Straps that Stay Dry and Tangle Free!

The Rightline Gear Ratchet Straps with Weatherproof Organizer provide an all-in-one solution: you get heavy duty ratchet straps, compact organization to keep them tangle free, plus a Weatherproof Storage Bag to keep them dry and working smoothly.

The Straps wrap around the individual slots of the storage board, so they're always ready to go when you need them.

The storage board slides into the weatherproof drawstring bag to guard your straps from the elements, keeping out rust-causing moisture.

Unlike conventional ratchet straps which usually end up wet and tangled after use, Rightline Gear's Ratchet Straps with Weatherproof Organizer system makes it easy to use and store the straps quickly, conveniently, and securely. No more tangled ratchet straps in truck beds, buckets, or cardboard boxes, and no more wet ratchet straps with rusty ratchets. Keep the Storage Bag behind or beneath the vehicle's seats for easy access; you'll be confident knowing you're geared up for any job.

» Dimensions: 1”W x 10’ L
» 300 lbs working load; 900 lbs break strength
» Keeps ratchet straps dry and tangle free
» Includes: (4) ratchet straps, organizer board, storage bag, and set up guide

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Ratchet Straps with Weatherproof Organizer

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