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CVT Awning Shower - Black/Gray

Cascadia Vehicle Tents CVT Awning Shower is perfect for those who want all the amenities and comforts of home while camping, tailgating or just hanging out.
Want to freshen up in style? Ever feel like you're showering on the side of a busy highway with cars racing by at speeds of 60 mph? With our Cascadia Vehicle Tents Awning Shower, it really doesn't matter where you find yourself. This water-saving and lightweight option gives you all the benefits of a portable shower. The fine mist spray head is easy to use and reaches every nook and cranny; we recommend this for any frequent traveler who wants to stay fresh on their journey. Comes with black/gray color combination so it can be rolled out anywhere from your campsite ruins, 3rd world village project, or fancy hotel after hours!
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Dimensions Open (Interior)
33.5" x 32.5" x 57.5" - 72.5"
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