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August 16th—August 18th, 2019 (2 Nights)

The 5th Annual CVT Family Reunion


Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho


- Spot Option 1: 1 Vehicle (room for off-road trailer), 1 Spot, Up to 2 Adults (cannot upgrade to "Option 2" Once Purchased Due to Availability): $150.00

- Spot Option 2: 2 Vehicles (no trailers), 1 Shared Spot, 2 Tent's, Up to 4 Adults: $265.00 (The park requires that the additional vehicle pay the $5 daily fee at the time of arrival at the park by the vehicle owner)

- Additional Adults 12 & Up (Sharing a spot & No Additional Vehicle): $60

- Children Ages 4-11: $35

- 3 & Under: Free

Dinner for Friday & Saturday night, Breakfast Saturday & Sunday mornings is include for each paid CVT Family member. Most will be out exploring so please bring your own lunch.

Additional info:

This is our 5th year and we are packing up and heading to Idaho!

The Bruneau Dunes have a lot to offer. The largest single-structured dune in North America is located here! You and your family can go out and enjoy some sand boarding or bring your snow sled and go for a ride down a hill or 2. No driving allowed on these dunes.

We planned this during the Perseid Meteor Shower which is at peak performance just a couple days before! There is an Observatory located on the premises and it offers an extra special peek at the night sky! This observatory is the largest public viewing one in the state of Idaho! Separate admission fee required. Click on this link for pricing- Observatory Admission Fees

Check out these links for more info on the facility and the meteor shower.

All About The Bruneau Dunes

Perseid Meteor Shower Info

Bruneau Dunes Observatory

You are free to roam on your own or join in on some fun activities that we have up our sleeve. There will also be an amazing raffle that tickets will be handed out upon check-in and you can earn additional ones throughout the weekend. Raffle will be held after dinner on Saturday night!

This event is designated for our valued CVT family.

Pets: Well behaved pets are welcome in nearly all state parks as long as they’re physically restrained which means you must be holding them, holding onto their collar, or have them on a leash no longer than six feet. The exceptions are if your pet is in an off-leash area or inside your tent. Pets left in vehicles is a violation in Idaho State Parks. Leashing your pet prevents them from tangling with wild animals or other people’s pets, getting lost, ransacking campground garbage or being hit by a car. It also avoids a citation which there are many park rangers that come through this particular park and on-site. It will be enforced. There will be a lot of CVT family members sleeping in close proximity so we ask that if your dog is a known barker or aggressive please leave them at home.

Please contact us at 541-312-8368 or email: [email protected] with any questions.

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