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Tent - Hybrid Editionparent

Hybrid Series

An exciting cross between a Soft & Hard Shell, this Series incorporates the best of both worlds. With the fold-out design & amenities of a Soft Shell, plus the utilitarian function of a Hard Shell with crossbars, the Hybrid feels just right.
Everything beloved about the Pioneer Series returns with an upgrade. Not too thick or thin, the Tent Body is made of a balanced 320 gram rip-stop canvas for a sweet combination of durability & breathability. Lightweight yet resilient, the floor is comprised of a woven fiberglass honeycomb that can take a beating without denting. Denser & softer, the Mattress is covered in waterproof nylon where it's needed and cozy poly-cotton where it counts. Glamours & functional, the LED Light Kit can permanently attach where you'd like & offers USB ports for your charging needs. Late nights approved & selfies welcomed. Another included perk is the helpful Anti-Condensation Mat which keeps you one more step ahead of the elements. Please see the Anti-Condensation page for a more scientific description. While the Standard Fly Style offers the same sweet ease & openness as before, the Extended Fly incorporates another canvas & mesh window into the Overhang for an even sweeter compromise between private shelter & panoramic ventilation.
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