Cascadia Vehicle Tents


Used/Demo Tents available at our Bend location for pick up only:

*Warranty Does Not Apply*

            • Mt. Denali Summit Standard/Stargazer in Camo-Like new, show demo. Has one small rub/scuff mark on cover. – $2556.00
            • Mt. Rainier Extended Summit in Gray-Treated for mold, still has a few stains on the fabric. – $1800.00
            • Mt. Rainier Extended Pioneer in Gray-No annex, slightly used, slight fly damage. – $1200.00
            • Black Butte-In great shape, like new. – $250.00 **SOLD**
            • Mt. Rainier Extended Pioneer in Tan-Replaced cover, 4 teeth missing from annex zipper on tent overhang. Takes patience to attach annex but still functional. – $1000.00 
            • Mt. Denali Extended Pioneer with Stargazer in Gray-Was mounted as a demo, everything is included – $2200.00
            • Mt. Denali Standard Summit with Stargazer in Tan-Showroom demo, like new with Annex – $2556.00
            • Mt. Shasta Standard Summit with Stargazer in Orange-Lightly used, great condition. Little dirty and scuffed cover – $1996.00
            • Mt. Rainier Standard Pioneer with Stargazer in Tan-Used, Like new. Cover has a couple rub marks on it. 2016 Model- $1516.00
            • Mt. Shasta Extended Summit with Stargazer in Gray-Small patched hole near back door, Little dirty, cover has lots of scuffs/rub marks. 2016 Model – $2096.00
            • Mt. Shasta Extended Summit Non-Stargazer Summit in Tan-Stained mattress cover, has pioneer travel cover, dented exterior floor, missing interior side-strap, has annex and shoe bags. 2015 Model with Brown Fly – $1908.00
            • Mt. Rainier Standard Pioneer Non-Stargazer in Tan-Show demo, great condition. No Annex. 2016 Model – $1000.00
            • Mt. Shasta Standard Summit Non-Stargazer in Bright Green-Cover has a few rubs marks on it, like new – $1796.00
            • Mt. Bachelor Extended Summit with Stargazer in Bright Green-Non stargazer rain fly, patched small hole below back door, cover is rough, grommet missing on rain fly, toggle on same corner missing, needs shorter bolts through the floor and washers installed. 2016 Model- $1676.00
            • Mt. Rainier Standard Pioneer Non-Stargazer in Earth Tone Green-Great condition, floor pops out track sometimes. 2016 Model – $1316.00
            • Mt. Shasta Standard Summit Stargazer in Tan-Newer Demo, Cover has some rub/scrape marks on it. – $1996.00
            • Mt. Rainier Extended Summit with Stargazer in Gray-Used once, missing annex, tool kit, spreader bars, spring rods. Stains on mattress. $2630.75**SOLD**
            • M1101 Trailer with a 3 Sisters tent installed on it-Sleep the whole family in this one! The largest tent we have- 6 person- in Tan installed on a M1101 trailer in camo. – $4500


        The following tents have never been used and are discounted due to minor damage resulted during shipping or a discontinued model. Damage on most of these is cosmetic and will not hinder functionality of the tent.

        Limited 3 month Warranty applied to the tents listed below which does not cover anything associated with the current damage.


        These tents are available in Bend, Pick up only.

            • Mt. Bachelor Extended Summit in Tan-Very minor dings on floor, fully functional and complete. – $2000.00-*New*
            • Mt. Rainier Standard Pioneer Stargazer in Earth Tone Green-One bad scrape along the edge of floor and several small dents on floor (exterior). – $1400.00-*New*
            • Mt. Rainier Extended Summit in Gray-Was installed once, slight damage to corners, built and ready to install. – $2800.00-*New*
            • Mt. Denali Extended Pioneer Stargazer in Tan-Multiple dings on both floor halves. Small burr on floor bead. – $2100.00-*New*
            • Mt. Shasta Extended Summit Non-Stargazer in Bright Green-Tent is in perfect/new condition in box. Had to replace the fly. – $2300.00
            • Mt. Rainier Extended non-stargazer Pioneer in Tan- Some dents and wrinkles on floor, hinges were realigned. Tent works well. – $1200.000-*New*
            • We have 3 brand new (Large) Mt Jefferson’s in Tan, this model is discontinued-$1400.00 each -*New*
            • Mt. Shasta Extended Pioneer in Tan  One noticeable dent & scrape in the stationary portion of the floor half. Several smaller dents in the floor and frame. – $1400.00-*New* SOLD
            • 2- Mt. Thielsen’s with remote in Extra Large – No damage, discontinued model. – $1450.00 each-*New*
            • Mt. Thielsen with remote in Extra Large – Torn travel cover that has been patched. – $1250.00-*New*
            • Mt. Bachelor Extended Pioneer Stargazer in Tan – New tent with superficial 2ft scratch on the exterior portion of the floor. – $1395.00-*New*
            • Mt. Bachelor Standard Pioneer non-stargazer in Earth Tone Green – 1″ hole torn in back door, was repaired. -$1000.00-*New*

        Accessories, Parts and Pieces

            • CVT Camp Chairs- $30 – Available Online
            • Dutch Oven Camping Stove-Was $120 now $80 – Available Online


        Please contact CVT for more info: 541-312-8368 (TENTS)