Mt. Rainier Extended Stargazer Pioneer

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The Mt. Rainier Extended Vestibule RoofTop Tent is a 3+ person tent with an extended overhang. The extended overhang allows the annex room to zip on in front of the ladder enclosing it. This feature creates an increased area in the annex room allowing for extra sleeping, privacy, and protection from weather as you enter and exit your tent.


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Size (Open)

72" wide x 132" long x 50" high

Size (Closed)

72" wide x 48" long x 15.5" tall

Size (Sleeping)

72" wide x 96" long


Aluminum frame, joists, sheets, and insulated foam


3" thick high-density foam with removable/washable poly/cotton blend cover

Covered Overhang


Rain Fly

420D Polyester Oxford with taped seams and PU coated

Travel Cover

1000D PVC, Heavy duty PVC


Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder

Internal Frame

1" aluminum


280g poly/cotton rip-stop canvas, Breathable, Mold resistant, UV protection, Water resistant PU coating


Removable PVC floor

Compatible Rack System(s)

Baja, Diamond Racks, Front Runner, Garvin, Gobi, Thule, Voyager

Shipping Weight

206 lbs


USA only, excludes Hawaii and Alaska. Free local pickup. Please call 541-312-8368 for a quote on shipping outside the US.

Lift Gate Delivery

If a lift gate is needed to unload your new tent there is a $65.00 surcharge. Please select this option when checking out.

8 reviews for Mt. Rainier Extended Stargazer Pioneer

  1. Dan Boles @thedaddybadger

    Tons of room, and easy setup.

  2. Mike

    Bought one, have used it many times and loved it so much we bought a second one!

  3. Mario Garcia

    Love our Mt Shasta Extended! We feel safe off the ground! Easy set up! Lots of room inside! Great view above the chairs coolers and other ground tents! Annex room keeps our stuff out of sight and plenty of room for another person! Great changing room! It’s mounted on a 1994 4Runner! Folds open toward the back to access the vehicle. I’m 64 yrs old unload it by myself but need help loading it on top? CVT guys are super people! Met me on Father’s Day at his shop for pickup! Thank you so much! And you will get a lot of people coming over for a tour so we had to keep our bed made!

  4. Jonathan Cannon

    An honest review from experience. We love our tent. We also see some quirks. My family of five have slept easily 75-100 nights in the Mt. Rainer tent over the past year and a half. I believe we have a pretty good idea of how the tent works.

    The good – Comfortable, durable tent, which keeps us dry in all weather. Easy and quick to set up, easy to take down (travel cover is hardest part to deal with). Nice big windows with screens which stay dry even in heavy rain and wind. I never hesitate to head off on a trip, even quick late at night trips, because I know the tent will perform.
    The Quirks – The annex room is really not worth the headache unless you are setup for multiple days and not moving the vehicle. It is really to much work for an overnight trip or even a multi-night trip if the weather is pleasant. The zipper on the annex broke on the second use and it wasn’t worth the headache to fix, because we just haven’t found the annex to be useful except for the one week we spent at Disney campground where we stayed for a week without moving the vehicle. The extended overhang collects water. No mater how tight I stake and anchor the ropes. No matter how tight I try to get the tent cover in place, the overhang collects water and has to be emptied or it sags down and I fear one day will rip. I am fabricating something now to eliminate this problem. The final quirk is the slot where the tent fabric anchors to the tent bas has a tendency to want to pull out near the end where the overhang is located. I watch this and make sure it is securely in place as I set it up. It is a two second visual check and two second job to secure it when it needs it.
    Once again, honest review of the good and the bad, we love out tent and plan to continue our heavy use of it as we already have another 20 nights planned over the next three months.

  5. Kevin P.

    Stayed 5 nights in our Mt. Rainer Extended Standard so far. Heavy rain one night, and everything was dry inside.

    For the extended overhang, I sandwiched a medium-sized spray can (with cap on!) between the telescoping pole support and the roof material to give it a pushed-out peak, and it worked great on the downpour night, no pooling at all. Just need to fashion something more permanent that won’t fall off if the tent is rocked by high winds.

    One other nit is that the bungees (added before you fold up) pull on rings that are installed right at a seam, and pull up the seam from being ironed down. It probably doesn’t hurt anything water-wise, but it makes me a little nervous so I just forget the bungees. When closing, I give it one last rock before closing all the way so the tent walls suck into the accordion a little. This reduces the need to stuff tent material (which was the point of the bungees).

    Extras I bought were the nicer condensation pad (seems to keep the mattress a little warmer too by elevating it off the base) and an extra channel bar (so I can install the annex without removing the cover). I haven’t tried the annex yet, as the Rainier is so darned huge for one or two people anyway.

  6. Derek

    Great product! Even better customer service!

    -Durable and sturdy
    -Did not budge in 40+ mph winds
    -Easy setup
    -Looks great
    -Easy install
    -Stout mounting provisions

    -Zipper quality on cover and windows could be better.
    -Cover is a tight fit

  7. Kim

    We took our rooftop tent overlanding for 2 weeks across the US from Michigan to Utah and back, covering 12 states. The tent stood up reasonably well to heavy winds and thunderstorms, desert heat, and below-freezing nights in the Colorado Rockies. Never got tired of camping in our Mt. Ranier, which was the comfortable 2-week home to two adults, a toddler, and a 55lb dog. We didn’t bring the annex with us (didn’t have a need for it) and we didn’t miss it. We did encounter the water pooling on the extended overhang during a heavy storm, but it wasn’t a large concern and it stayed completely dry inside the tent. Very strong winds did cause the tent to shift a little and it’s pulling out of the mounting channel at one corner, so that is something to watch out for. It was also very flappy / noisy in high winds, but we figure a little creative tying-down can solve this. Overall, this is a great tent.

    I did have a poor experience in the shipment of the tent. We had planned a trip around its arrival, and it never came. It was shipped via Saia initially and they reported it “lost”. I’m not sure what really happened (if Saia damaged it, truly lost it, or if it was stolen) but we never received it in the color we wanted. A replacement was sent via FedEx, but we had struggled with Cascadia regarding the color, which we had been told was in stock but in fact was on backorder past the date we needed to leave for our trip. Overall, the shipping / replacement experience was fraught and unpleasant. I struggled with Saia to figure out what happened, and then the folks at Cascadia also worked with us to get a replacement shipped (with a different shipper), although it was not the color we had ordered and took much longer than it should have. There were a lot of phone calls back and forth, and in the end we agreed to the second-choice color because our trip date couldn’t be pushed off.

    The tent itself is top-class though, and we love it and will be taking many overlanding trips with it in the future. As a trivial tip: we bought king-size sheets for the mattress, but I recommend California king size instead, as normal king are a very tight fit.

  8. Bagger

    I am not going to state again what others have said in the reviews. So to be suscint, this tent is awesome! What is even better is Bobby and CVT’s customer service. We had a string of bad luck with our first few tents arriving damaged as a result of poor handling from the shipping companies. Bobby drove to our house in Montana in a blizzard and single digit temps to hand-deliver us a new and perfect tent, and took back the damaged ones. This type of customer service behavior is unheard of. Thanks, Bobby!

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