Rhino-Rack Dome 1300 Awning


Do you want to mount a shade awning to your vehicle but the roof is so low that it makes an awning impractical? Rhino-Rack has developed the Dome 1300 Awning to provide the extra height you need for head clearance. The Dome 1300 Awning can be mounted to either side of your vehicle or directly to the rear. So whether you need shade while on the beach or for your family outings it is the Dome 1300 Awning that will provide you all weather protection.

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Made from the same heavy duty rip-stop polycotton fabric as proven Rhino-Rack awnings like the Sunseeker range, the Dome 1300 Awning is weather proof and UV50+ protected.

The roof domes up to offer extra head room underneath the awning so it will work well for taller people and for lower roofed vehicles. In wetter conditions the engineering of the Dome 1300 Awning has superior water run off.

The Dome 1300 Awning is quick to set up and easy to use and when packed away it's only 51.2" in length.


Can mount to both sides of the vehicle as well as the rear
Provides extra head clearance
Large 2500mm x 2400mm coverage, Made from rip-stop polycotton which is tough, weather/water proofed, mould resistant and UV50+ protected, Quick to set up and easy to use, Out of the box you will receive: 1x awning, 2x guy ropes, 2x vertical poles, 2x support poles, 1 year warranty


Can mount to both sides of the vehicle as well as the rear


Large 2500mm x 2400mm coverage when open
Stands well over 2.0m depending on the vehicle you mount it to.
Packed away it's only 51.2" in length.