Pioneer Series Awning

Light-weight & low-profile shelter? Of course. Modular functionality & versatility? Oh yeah. Please say hello to the perfect sidekick.
Easy to mount, deploy, and put away while offering mountains of applications, the Awning really can be a pioneer's best friend.

Designed self-supportive, integrated anodized aluminum poles swing & lock into the frame into place. These no-nonsense shower-rod curtains can then adjust for tension, the height of your rack or even a drainage in a downpour.

Fashioned with the same reliable & weatherproofed rip-stop canvas as our Roof Top Tents to keep you dry & shaded, the ceiling is fixed to the frame by multiple attachment points. Included guy lines & stakes keep the foundation on the ground.

Late night? No problem. An LED Light Strip is now fastened to the mounted extrusion and plugs into a 12V power supply for hands, headband & clutter free illumination.

When you're ready to roll, the entire awning rolls up neatly into the Travel Cover made of the same no-nonsense material as our Roof Top Tent's Travel Cover and zips shut with a heavy duty zipper.

"Accessories?" someone asked. Indeed! The options of attachable canvas & mesh walls turn the unassuming Awning into a camping powerhouse. It's no surprise that some choose to just use an Awning for a tent. Down-sizing never came with so many options!
Body Color
Pioneer Green
Pioneer Gray
Pioneer Tan
Awning Size

Product Specifications

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Pioneer Green / 55"
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Pioneer Green / 79"
Selected Options
Pioneer Green / 99"
Selected Options
Pioneer Gray / 55"
Selected Options
Pioneer Gray / 79"
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Pioneer Gray / 99"
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Pioneer Tan / 55"
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Pioneer Tan / 79"
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Pioneer Tan / 99"
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