Pioneer vs. Hybrid

The Hybrid series tents have 360 gram poly-ripstop canvas and will come with a USB powered
LED light strip, 3” memory foam mattress, black telescoping ladder (that will have to be removed
and stored in the vehicle), diamond plated top with two crossbars, and a bungee/buckle skirt
cover. Here are a few helpful links. The first link is a setup and breakdown video. The second
link is a full installation video for the Hybrid series:

The Pioneer series tents have 280 gram poly-ripstop canvas and will not include an LED light
strip. It will come with a 3” regular foam pad, silver telescoping ladder (that stays on the tent at
all times), and a traditional PVC cover with a zipper at the bottom to close/open the cover. Here
is a link to a Pioneer installation video: Keep
in mind that we have recently upgraded all tents to come with a telescoping ladder, unlike the
old sliding ladder in the video.

The Pioneer will have silver poles and framing where the Hybrid will have black poles and
framing. The canvas colors are also offered in different colors. They will both come with an LED
light, the Pioneer is powered by a 12V cigarette lighter plug in, the Hybrid is powered by a USB
cord. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

The Pioneer walls are compatible with both Pioneer and Hybrid awnings. Hybrid walls are only
compatible with Hybrid awnings. Hybrid walls extend away from the vehicle about 3 inches less
than the Pioneer. This can be remedied by loosening the horizontal poles and shortening the
Pioneer awning by about 3 inches.

Other Questions

All of our annex rooms are intended to be used at about 6.5-7 feet. If your tent is mounted
lower, the annex will still be usable, but it will have some extra material at the bottom. If your
tent is mounted higher, then you can purchase 6-inch extensions.

The extended fly covers the ladder, so you are out of the weather climbing up and down the
ladder with the annex on. On the standard fly, you'll need to climb down (out into the weather)
the ladder to get to the inside of your annex.

Currently, we do not offer a trade-in program. We recommend that you try selling your tent on
Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. It seems to be a strong seller's market right now. Please let
us know if you have any other questions.

The factory crossbars are not strong enough to support the weight of a roof top tent. You will
need aftermarket crossbars to support the weight. We sell Rhino Rack, but Yakima and Thule
are also great options. Plus many other aftermarket platforms are available. Please let us know
if you have any other questions or need help pointing in the right direction.

Yes, we do offer installations at all of our locations. Install fees will range from $175-up
depending on the tent and rack. Installs are by appointment only. To book an installation
appointment, please give us a call at

You are more than welcome to pick up the tent at any of our locations to avoid shipping costs.
To place an order for pick up, please give us a call at 888-852-0224

Thank you for reaching out to us. If the website is still giving you trouble, please give us a call at
888-852-0224 and we can help take care of everything over the phone.

The easiest way to mount Maxtrax onto Mt. Hood crossbars is to use M10 channel nuts from
RhinoRack. They slide perfectly into the channel of the crossbar and have the same threading
as the Maxtrax pin set. You will need to cut 20mm off the bolt on the pins to get the best results.
The other option is to drill 4 holes into the crossbars so that the pin set can mount on the
crossbars without the M10 sliders.

Several of our tents have racks on top to accommodate solar panels. The Mt. Hood, Bush
Company clamshell, Mt Thielsen, and Mt Washington tents all allow for solar panels to be
mounted on top.

The size of the annex will vary by tent. But the annex goes out 1’ at the bottom of each side the
annex to make them bigger.

Shasta EV- 8’ out by 70” wide
Shasta SF- 5’ out by 70” wide
Rainier EV- 8’ out by 8’ wide
Rainier SF- 5’ out by 8’ wide
Denali EV- 8’ out by 111” wide
Denali SF- 5’ out by 111” wide