WaterPORT HydroSpray

The HydroSpray Pump System turns lakes, rivers, or any water source into pressurized water for multiple uses. Conserve water tanks, by utilizing HydroSpray for all your outdoor cleaning needs.

This pump is ready for any adventure, whether your camping, boating, overlanding or find yourself in an emergency situation, the HydroSpray Pump will turn any water source into a 35PSI shower system. With a 12V plug or battery terminals for power, this pump is ready for any situation. Conserve fresh water, while rinsing and cleaning up and then store away easily for next time.

Product Features:
  • Turns any water source into a 35PSI Shower System
  • Runs off 12V Plug or Battery Terminals with Anderson plug
  • Compact Weatherproof Case for storage
  • Inline filter for use in lakes, rivers, or any water source
  • On/off Switch for easy access
  • Internal Pouch for storing additional accessories
  • Velcro Straps for neat storage
  • Quick Connects for easy access
  • Inline fuse for safety
  • Lo Power draw and ultra-fine mesh filter
  • Everything you need to begin use

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WaterPORT HydroSpray

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